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How the Bruce Lee quote “be water” inspired Mohammad Sherafatmand’s business

In 1971, Bruce Lee said what may be his most famous quote: “Be water, my friend.” One business leader took this lesson to heart. Here’s how he implements it in his work.

In 1971, Bruce Lee said in the American TV series “Longstreet” what may be his most famous quote: “Be water, my friend.”

He was alluding to how people shouldn’t allow themselves to be trapped in a certain mindset and should adapt and flow as their surroundings and circumstances change.

The line went on to inspire Mohammad Sherafatmand, founder and CEO of water technology company Hydroleap.

“You need to be adaptive; if you hit a roadblock, brave it,” Sherafatmand told CNBC’s “My Biggest Lessons.”

“Face it, adapt to it and find another way.”

It’s a mindset he’s used while trying to disrupt the water purification industry.

“When you want to solve big problems and big challenges or make a disruption in whatever field that you’re in, they often don’t come easily. You need to be able to be flexible, resilient, and find ways around it,” he explained.

This is just one of Mohammad Sherafatmand’s biggest lessons. Watch the video above to learn more. 

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