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Here’s how much sugar is in the 10 most popular Halloween candies

One of the best parts of Halloween is eating all the candy you want without feeling guilty about it.

But knowing just how much sugar you’re consuming may actually be the biggest scare of this spooky season.

It comes as no surprise that the holiday’s biggest treats are packed full of sugar, but some sweets have more than others.

Of the 10 most popular Halloween candies, as ranked by Instacart using data from 2022, the amount of sugar per serving ranges from 23 grams to nine grams.

Whether you’re a fan of candy corn or prefer Starbursts and M&Ms, it’s worth taking a look to see how much sugar you’re consuming before you dig into your latest trick-or-treating haul.

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Here’s how much sugar is in each serving of the 10 most popular Halloween candies

Brach’s Classic Candy Corn (standard): 23 grams of sugar

For candy corn lovers, this miniature bite is a classic staple for Halloween. But keep in mind that the serving size recommended by Brach’s is just 15 pieces. After having that handful, you’re looking at more than 20 grams of sugar.

Sour Patch Kids (fun-size): 20 grams of sugar

Pamela_d_mcadams | Istock | Getty Images

First they’re sour, then they’re probably too sweet.

Having two pouches of the fun-size Sour Patch Kids, which is the recommended serving size, means you just consumed 20 grams of sugar. Though difficult, you’re probably better off having one pack in a single sitting.

Regular M&M’s (fun-size): 17 grams of sugar

After you eat one mini bag of M&M’s, you always want more. Mars knows this all to well, which is why the serving size of M&M’s is two packets, which are full of 17 grams of sugar.

Starburst (standard): 16 grams of sugar

They may be unexplainably juicy, but Starbursts are also unexplainably sweet. And who can ever eat just one? The standard serving size of Starburst fruit chews is 6 pieces that include 16 grams of sugar total.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (snack-size): 16 grams of sugar

Orlando, Winter Park, Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop, Reese’s peanut butter chocolate candy bars. (Photo by: Jeff Greenberg/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Jeff Greenberg | Universal Images Group | Getty Images

Reese’s Cups snags the No. 1 spot for the most popular Halloween candy in America, according to Instacart, and perhaps it’s the peanut butter that makes people reach for another cup. The serving size of two cups of this sweet treat is 16 grams of sugar.

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate (snack-size): 14 grams of sugar

Two bars of this chocolate-y mini treat may not seem like a lot of sugar, but even chocolate can be a bit too sweet. There are 14 grams of sugar in the standard serving size of two pieces of Hershey’s snack-size milk chocolate bars.

KitKat (snack-size): 14 grams of sugar

A few small KitKats pack a big punch that puts you at 14 grams of sugar per serving size. Factoring in how often people eat these yummy treats, the serving size of snack-size KitKats is two packages. Consider having a quick break before you have another KitKat.

Twizzlers (snack-size): 13 grams of sugar

These cherry-flavored twists have a lot less sugar than most candies. Having four pieces, which is the serving size, is equal to consuming 13 grams of sugar. You can feel a bit less guilty about ripping this chewy candy apart.

Tootsie Roll Pop (standard): 10 grams of sugar

If you get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, you’re having much less sugar than you think. Its serving size of three pops lands at 10 grams of sugar, placing the tootsie-filled lollipop in the bottom two of the list.

Peanut M&M’s (fun-size): 9 grams of sugar

Of all of the most popular Halloween candies, peanut M&M’s have the lowest amount of sugar per serving size, at nine grams. This is, of course, only if you’re eating one bag in a single sitting, which is the standard serving size of these nutty bites.

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