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Being ‘NICE’ will help develop your career: marketing CEO Paul Kelders

Companies spend time and resources training their employees, but the onus on being fit for the job ultimately boils down to the individual, says Paul Kelders, CEO of marketing company Jump Innovation.

“I have this acronym that I use: N.I.C.E.,” he told CNBC’s My Biggest Lessons. So, what does it mean?

N – Nature

Kelders recommends people take time to get “away from the concrete jungle” and into nature.

“It’s just really good for the soul to help us calm the mind and encourages creative thinking,” he explained.

I – Independence

Next, Kelders says finding time to be alone and practice independence is critical.

“We spend so much time with other people working in groups, collaborating on different projects, that it’s really hard for us to take some time out for ourselves,” he explained. 

Doing this helps “to develop our own thinking, and our own ways of viewing things,” which helps ensure diverse ideas in the workplace. 

C – Creativity

For Kelders, this is “arguably the most important” part to work on. 

“By working on your creative mindset, you afford yourself the opportunity to be the one that thinks differently about the challenges that you’re faced with,” he explained.

But you don’t necessarily need to possess any talent to hone creativity, Kelders said. “You just need to go and do it to practice it,” he noted. 

E – Exercise

Finally, Kelders said that keeping your body active is also essential.

“There’s nothing like arriving into work after a workout,” he explained. “Your mind is replenished, your body feels great and you’re ready for anything.”

Being “NICE” is just one of Paul Kelders’ biggest lessons. Watch the full video to find out more. 

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